Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Living With Freckles and Words

Here's another blog worth checking out.


Here there are lots of topics for discussion, food for thought, and stimulating pictures from your favorite movie characters and more. Enjoy!


Monday, July 29, 2013


Hello all.

I just discovered this blog last week, and already I'm hooked! Coffeeshopreader has some great insights into topics and stories discussed in various posts. From book reviews to discussions on characters and time, this is a great place to hear from an avid reader (and writer!). Check it out:


She's also on Twitter and Facebook.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Blogging Paragraphs

I'm having a thought here. I'm wondering if I should post stories on my blog directly. Not big stories, obviously, but maybe a paragraph or two. What do you like to read? What plotlines intrigue you? For me, I have a soft spot for the medieval period. Something about castles and knights and regal princesses speak to me. It's a wonder I prefer classics to modern literature, though admittedly I do enjoy Emily the Strange.
Anyway, I just wanted to get some opinions. Blogging stories occasionally: Yes, no, maybe so?


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Shared Language

My sister is amazing! With one word she can brighten my day, give me a boost when I need it most. I love that we share this relationship that goes so beyond sisterhood. Sometimes I look back and gawk at what a brat I was. But my sister? She baked cookies for my brother and me when our parents went out on a date. On our way to church, the four of us would do "quote-offs". Someone would quote something from a movie -"This ain't exactly the Mississippi. I'm on one side, I'm on the other side. I'm on the east bank, I'm on the west back. This is not that critical!"- and we would all rattle off different quotes from that movie until someone changed it up. But as we grew older, those games fell out of fashion with us, at least in the car.
This past week has been... one of *those* weeks. Stuff just goes wrong, you're tired all the time, every minute feels like two. I woke up this morning just feeling... blah. I figured today would accentuate the long week with its mere tediousness. Then, as I sat in the chair, staring at a T.V. that wasn't even turned on, my phone buzzed next to me. It was from my sister. Anyone seen "The Big Bang Theory"? If you haven't, you won't get this reference. But if you have... remember that one word I mentioned in the beginning? Here was the one word:
I swear I laughed for, like, five minutes.
While the rest of the day was not silky smooth sailing, it was great to share in this private joke with my sister. It really got me through the day.
I guess I'm just thankful to have my sister, because no matter what, she always knows how to put a smile on my face.