Sunday, September 13, 2015

Character Post

So on my list of things to do, updating my blog was not one of them, but I figured I'd take a page out of Willow and Darrion's book (check out their blog, The Call) by doing a post about which actors fit characters in one of my stories. Which story, you might ask? I've mentioned it before, and because I'm paranoid, I'm calling it Story E until further notice.

For those of you who follow me on Pinterest, these probably won't be that big of a shocker to you, and honestly they are not an exact fit to what I picture... but they're pretty close.
The first character and the story's arguable antagonist is Vivia, portrayed by the lovely Katie McGrath (who at the time was portraying Morgana LeFey in BBC's Merlin).

Just look at her. Jet black hair, strong jawline, that partly-crazed look. She has all the makings of a perfect Vivia.
And if I mention Vivia, I simply must mention her twin sister, Isabelle.

I tried to find photos that would capture the stark differences between the sisters, not just in the way they dress, but in the way they carried themselves. Can you see it?
And the man who grew up with them, and then had to marry one. Tristan.

Yes, I know it's a picture of Faramir, but look at him! He could be a king. He has that humble kingly manner.
Also in our list of characters today is Sergio, portrayed by Torrance Coombs portraying Sebastian on Reign.

Sergio is a war veteran turned mercenary (sell-sword). It was actually very common during medieval times (which is the time period the story is modeled after) for young teenagers to be enlisted. But because the life expectancy was so short, what we would consider "young" they might consider the perfect age, especially for fighting for king, country, and glory.
I had a couple other characters, but I think this is plenty for now. Maybe the rest will be in my next posting.
Tell me what you think of these characters. The king and queen (Isabelle and Tristan). The rejected (Vivia). And the mercenary (Sergio).