Friday, August 16, 2013

Not the Blogging Paragraphs

So, for those of you keeping up with my posts, I know I hinted at blogging paragraphs, just as something fun. Well... this isn't it. HOWEVER... a wonderful writer and dear friend of mine, Karen Malena, has just had her latest collection of stories published into a paperback novel! I'm so proud of her. Please, take the time to read her stuff. It's absolutely wonderful. You can purchase the paperback through Amazon, or, if you just want to dip your toes in, see if it's your thing, you can purchase each story individually through Amazon and Barnes and Noble Nook for $0.99. Her series is entitled "My Mother's Kitchen" with the volume numbers and subtitles respectively. As I said, these stories are definitely worth the read. I encourage you read at least the first two. I promise you'll be in for a treat.

Here is the Amazon link for the paperback:
The Amazon link for the complete series for Kindle:
And the Barnes and Noble link for Nook:

Happy reading!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Gadget: Google Translate

Hello, hello, hello. How are things out in the 'verse? Just an update, I've added Google Translate to my blog, so now you can see my grammatical errors in hundreds of languages instead of just one. :-) By the by, yes, I do know that these last few posts have been pitifully short, but for the record, I find it difficult to write when you don't have anything to say. From this point, I'm just praying the Lord gives me the words to speak.
Have a good night.


PS: Oh! And just to be on the lookout... my next post may or may not be the beginnings of a new story. Suspense!