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Colony Zero Series II -Volume 3 -New Earth
With so little time left, the Zeroes are forced to converge with a new captain with new orders. Will the Earth crew show them mercy, or will humanity abandon them again?
Colony Zero -Volume 6 -A Matter of Time
In the wake of a harsh betrayal, order must be sought as the Earthers run free with the aid of a Zero turncoat. Schneider and the dwindling crew must return to Earth. This must not be allowed to happen. Beneath the lightless stare of the dwarf star, it is a race against time to apprehend the Earth crew before they can send word to the Relocation Ministry about the survivors on Colony Zero. Yet even with time and ally against them, the real danger is the one the colonists can't see. It is the one that would bring devastation to both Paradise and Earth.
Colony Zero -Volume 1 -Contact
In 2810, they’re called Zeroes.

Some Zeroes are born, somehow slipping through the genetic screening and purification tests in utero mandated by an overpopulated Earth. Others become Zeroes later, the worst murderers and thieves and abusers, despite the same genetic screening. Whether born or made, they are Earth’s outcasts, the dregs, sent to a perpetually dark rock orbiting a Y-class brown dwarf star by a society without the patience or desire to deal with them.

The Relocation Ministry cites the humanity of the process, offering the Zeroes a chance at a new life. Yet the overcrowded world secretly knows with silent approval that they’re sent to Colony Zero for one reason: to die. That is until the RM ship Valkyrie 2 arrives on a routine survey mission to retrieve core samples. It is on that dark wind-swept planet that the crew discovers a far different secret.

In First Contact, the opening installment of Remington Colt’s Colony Zero series, the secret discovered not only threatens the crew’s deepest held beliefs, it threatens their return to Earth, a home where some soon realize the word “acceptance” has taken on a very dark and disturbing meaning.  
The Woman in Scarlet -Volume 6 -The Red Angel
The Woman in Scarlet: godsend, antagonist, dream. Be careful what you wish for, because wishes can be treacherous.
The Woman in Scarlet -Volume 5 -City of Coal and Steel
"I was ten when she first appeared." So began the ramblings of Alzheimer patient John Desmund II, his mind recalling a time of darkness and technological simplicity: The Great Depression, where ash laid like a blanket across the Steel City; speakeasies dotted the avenues; and the woman who appeared out of the sunlight, who called herself the Woman in Scarlet, had a pivotal role in the event which shook the Desmund family to its very core. Journey back with Johnny to 1930 where a drought was the least of his problems.
The Woman in Scarlet -Volume 4 -Tried and Treacherous
In 1918, the Bolsheviks seized majority control of Russia nearly a year after Tsar Nicholas II abdicated his throne. The former Tsar and his family then remained under constant supervision. But despite the eyes and ears which lurked around every corner, heard every whisper, a new contender emerged from the shadows, promising glory and heaven and, what was by all rights unattainable, freedom. Everyone knows the tragic story of Anastasia Romanov. But while history shaded most of the details, there is one to which it can no longer hide.
The Woman in Scarlet -Volume 3 -Checkmate
Just inside the city limits, the autumn wind grows colder. The underlying scent of pumpkin and cinnamon lingers like perfume amongst every house on every street. But amidst the excitement of the near holiday, something like a shadow echoes in the back of Joey’s mind. Is he to blame, or was it just an accident?
The Woman in Scarlet -Volume 2 -Last Spring
A quiet town, a small area, where cats roam from yard to yard and the nearest Wal-Mart is twenty minutes away. This is where Lily and her mother find themselves after abandoning their last benefactor. But something more is at work here, something that could mean the difference between dependent… and devoted.
The Woman in Scarlet -Volume 1 -Where Snow May Fall
In the recesses of Russia, something strange and beautiful is lurking, clothed in a dress of scarlet. Young Sacha finds himself in the captivating presence of a mysterious woman who promises to grant him three wishes. But Sacha is about to learn how a single flame can spark a wildfire.


  1. This is awesome! It's so sweet to see that the story that you once proposed about 4 years ago, which I had a chance to read, has now been published! How do you get things published on Amazon? Is it a tough process?

    1. Trestle Press publishes the series. They specialize in publishing e-books, specifically on Amazon and making them available for Barnes and Noble Nook. I do know someone who self-published on Amazon. If you want I can give you her contact info. Are you still writing? I remember your story. I really liked it.