Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Colony Zero -Volume 6 -A Matter of Time"

YESS! I am so excited to finally announce that my chapter of "Colony Zero" is up on Amazon!

In the wake of a harsh betrayal, order must be sought as the Earthers run free with the aid of a Zero turncoat. Schneider and the dwindling crew must return to Earth. This must not be allowed to happen. Beneath the lightless stare of the dwarf star, it is a race against time to apprehend the Earth crew before they can send word to the Relocation Ministry about the survivors on Colony Zero. Yet even with time and ally against them, the real danger is the one the colonists can't see. It is the one that would bring devastation to both Paradise and Earth.


"Colony Zero -Volume 5 -Sins of The Fathers" by Tracy Krauss

Also in the Colony Zero line-up is Tracy Krauss's chapter, "Colony Zero -Volume 5 -Sins of The Fathers." Tracey is a tremendous writers and this story delves deeper into the character of Colony Zero's spiritual leader, and how even someone so steadfast can sometimes by jostled. It is truly an amazing story. You are definitely in for a treat.

Fear and confusion are mounting on Colony Zero since the arrival of the Earth ship Valkyrie 2. Renata, chief spiritual leader, has her hands full trying to keep the citizens calm. Her own son is not making life any easier with his radical disregard for their way of life. Then she discovers that a potentially dangerous secret could not only threaten to destroy their utopian way of life, but the very existence of the planet.


"Colony Zero -Volume 4 -Sacrifice" by Mark Carver

Wow. I am really behind on my Colony Zero duties. I believe the last news I had about it was when I interviewed Mark Venturini after his chapter came out. Well, as I am apparently playing catch-up today, I encourage you to check out the next installment in the Colony Zero series, "Colony Zero -Volume 4 -Sacrifice" by Mark Carver. It is suspenseful, insightful, and extremely well-written. Mark C is such a talented writer and I hope to post his interview in the upcoming days/weeks.

A mother knows that no sacrifice is too great to protect the ones she loves.

Chaos and turmoil threatens the colony. As the captive Earther crew plots their escape, the Zeroes are being torn apart by strife within their midst. Althana knows she must take matters into her own hands to protect her family, but will she risk exposing her secret and putting everyone she loves in danger?


Celebrity Look-Alikes: Winona Ryder VS. Keira Knightley

Welcome back to another thrilling episode of Celebrity Look-Alikes. Today our contestants are the fabulous actresses Winona Ryder and Keira Knightley.

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Above is Ms. Ryder, and below...

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... Ms. Knightley. As you can see, the lovely stars share some physical similarities. Slightly sunken eyes (both dark in color), defined cheekbones, and sharply arched eyebrows. However, since Keira's picture seems to have a brighter flash, let's compare some that are a little closer in lighting.

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Granted, the first picture was I think taken in the '90s, but it's still valid. I first noticed how similar these two looked when I first saw Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Yeah, the first one. The good one, in my opinion, although I did like On Stranger Tides. Anyway, I saw the movie and immediately thought, "Is that the girl who played Jo on Little Women?" Stop laughing, I was, like, eleven when it came out. Anyway, it was interesting to compare the two actresses. Now you see Keira Knightley everywhere, whereas Winona Ryder has recently been seen in Black Swan, The Dilemma, The Letter, and Homefront, to name a few. Well, we hope these actresses the best for the future.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Night Chinwagger

So it has become evident that I cannot operate social media unless it's after midnight. I just spent the last ten minutes uploading cover photos of my "Woman in Scarlet" series because I finally remembered how to do it! How sad is that? I remember hearing, either this morning or yesterday, that Taylor Swift marveled at how in the past, you got famous and then used social media, but today you use social media and then you become famous. She does have a point, though. Kind of backwards, huh?
Well, I think my flurry of updating has come to a snooze now, although I do want to get a little further in my origins story for Colony Zero. And I have to work tomorrow. Joy. But I'm feeling optimistic. Happy. It rained today, which is great because our plants really needed it. I was shown some wonderful pictures of my beautiful niece. I also tried out a gluten-free brownie recipe after getting home from work. Besides being 200 calories a square, it was pretty dang good. 
I was reminded of how small my problems are and what a ninny I can be to worry as much as I do, when I know it's a trifle because God is in control. He probably looks at me like a little hummingbird, zipping around going, "What do I do next?" He would probably just pat me on the head and say, "Oh, Grace, you're so cute to worry about such small things. But sit back, my darling, and I will guide you." Surrendering control when it comes to my own life is very difficult for me to do. I will follow where you lead me when it comes to projects and housework, but my future? My writing? These are not things I easily relinquish, but there are no better hands to leave them in than the hands of God. He has planned my life since before its inception. He's known my every thought before it was even conceived. He is amazing, and that is a word I try not to use lightly. Awesome, as in awe-inspiring. Awesome-ringing. I cannot trust myself to maneuver one single hour without him by my side.
Well... this post certainly took a different turn than what I was anticipating, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. I am not trying to preach to you; I am merely sharing my thoughts, and more often these days, I am finding God to be among those thoughts.
Good night, everyone.


PS: The word "chinwagger" in the title is just slang for someone who talks a lot. They literally "wag their chin." It was gonna be "chatter-bug," but then I wouldn't have been able to take advantage of my British slang. :-) Just wanted to clear that up in case someone thought I was cussing in my title.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

I Have a FB Author Page!

Finally! It certainly took long enough, but I finally got my Facebook author page up and running. If you want to check it out, just search for "Grace Yee Author Page". I think it's listed under communities for some reason, but I am hoping to use it to reach other readers and writers, maybe update both it and my blog with a little more frequency. Hahaha! Anyway, feel free to check it out, post something, whatever.