Tuesday, August 7, 2012


So here are my top five reasons why summer is not my favorite season:
1. The bees.
2. Dance season has ended, creating large gaps in my day.
3. The bees. I truly detest them.
4. Though I make resolutions for myself (like to exercise more) I can never keep them and it kind of gets on my nerves.
5. Despite doing a bunch of laundry and some grocery shopping, I don't like feeling like the surmount of my day depends on how well dinner turns out. (At least I got to do some writing tonight. :-) )

Here are my top five reasons why I DO like summer, because it's always easier to complain then compliment, and I'm really working on that:
1. The warmth, a usually welcome change from the monotonous cold or shifty spring season.
2. Because there's nothing quite like taking a walk in a good neighborhood at ten a.m. with a toddler, well, toddling along by your side.
3. You won't find such vivid colors in the frosty beauty of December.
4. Swimming!
5. Summer is one of those seasons that gives you time to reflect. Spreading out a picnic blanket on a grassy hill, laying down with your arms folded contentedly behind your head, staring up at the sky and just letting your mind drift. I think that's my favorite part, the drifting. What can come of our drifting from thought to thought but utter release and pleasure in that the Lord has granted us a season of beauty where we can admire His work, His incredible imagination? Huh. Have you ever thought about that? God has a great imagination! How else could He come up with... well, everything!

I guess there's more good to say about summer than bad. How refreshing.


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