Thursday, February 7, 2013

"The Woman in Scarlet -Volume 4 -Tried and Treacherous"

Hello, hello, hello. Nice to be back.
Well, I can't tell you how good it feels to see my next story up on Amazon. The fourth installment, and one of the most important, "The Woman in Scarlet -Volume 4 -Tried and Treacherous".
I decided to take this story back to its Russian roots, so over Christmas break I was engulfing myself in the history, the culture, jotting down notes about meals and folklore and making a timeline and revising it. Exhausting? Forsooth! But it was worth it, I think. This honestly would have been a nice place to end the series, but I'm  determined to sketch out the Woman in Scarlet's character a bit more, and I think you will see why after this episode.
A little background: In 1918, the majority of Russia was seized by the Red Army, the Bolsheviks, and former Tsar Nicholas was whisked off to Moscow for his trial, accompanied by his wife Alexandra and their third daughter Maria. While events unfold, the infamous Anastasia will soon learn why certain temptations have... treacherous results.
Don't worry. Nothing graphic and scary, but the twist is certainly not something you would expect.
I hope you do enjoy this story, and just remember: it isn't the end.


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