Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Colony Zero -Volume 3 -In the Midst of Sorrow" by Mark Venturini

Welcome back! Long time, no see. (Figuratively, of course.) I have some exciting news: the third installment of "Colony Zero" is now available on for $0.99! Written by the extraordinary Mark Venturini, "In the Midst of Sorrow" is a captivating page-turner sure to leave you wanting more. Nothing less than what I expect from Mark. :-)

Here is the link:

And the synopsis: With Captain Breneman thrown into a Zero prison cell, tension threatens to explode between Zeroes and Earthers. Commander Schneider takes command of the crew of the Valkyrie 2, and Lieutenant Ransom suddenly finds himself promoted to Second in Command. With their ultimate objective of escape unchanged, Ransom and crew continue to gather intel as they explore a self-sustained ecosystem no one could have imagined--a world of love and acceptance and unending light buried within a planet cloaked in eternal night.

Yet as the wonders of Colony Zero unfold, Ransom must face his own past and the secret sorrow destroying his heart as he confronts his cousin’s murderer, the tormented man known on Earth as the Slayer.



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