Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Celebrity Look-Alikes: Wes Bentley VS Matt Bomer

This is fun! I enjoy finding people who look alike. Today's episode of "Celebrity Look-Alikes" include The Hunger Games' Wes Bentley and USA's White Collar's Matt Bomer. See for yourself.

(Picture of Wes Bentley from http://metro.us)

(Picture of Matt Bomer)
The top photo is of Wes Bentley, who recently played Seneca Crane in The Hunger Games (the guy with the crazy facial hair) as well as Jerry Cohen in Cesar Chavez. The second photo is Matt Bomer, whom I know for his portrayal as smooth con man Neal Caffrey on USA's White Collar. As you can see, both gentlemen have a similar angled jawline, low-set eyebrows above light blue eyes, and in these pictures they even style their hair in similar manners. However, I think Bentley's eyes are slightly more sunken while Bomer's cheekbones are a little more prominent. But they both look fantastic in a suit and tie, no?
I hope you enjoyed this segment of "Celebrity Look-Alikes."
PS: I will be getting back to more writing-based posts as the weeks progress. I've been swamped with my own projects as well as a few stories for Helping Hands Press. More on those soon. Stay tuned! Enjoy the weather!

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