Sunday, March 10, 2013

Words of Encouragement #1

I've decided to start a little series on my blog here, nothing fancy, just words of encouragement. I have this notebook I got for my graduation party where people wrote little things, words of wisdom, things like that, and I wanted to share them with you (whoever "you" may be).
This one is probably the one that has stuck with me the most, and I hope it helps you, too.

"Dear Grace,
Thinking back on the time that has passed since my high school graduation, I want to offer this:
Don't wait until tomorrow!
Obey the Lord and then follow your dreams with relentless vigor and passion. Do not let obstacles deter you. Don't wait for the 'perfect timing' to occur. Make it happen with prayer and persistence. If you delay, time is lost. And you can't get it back. (At least this side of Heaven!)


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