Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"The Woman in Scarlet -Volume 5 -City of Coal and Steel"

Hola. Hope everyone's having a good day so far. I just wanted to pass some of my own news along. The fifth installment/episode of "The Woman in Scarlet" is now available on Amazon for $0.99 for Kindle. It should also be available for Nook and Kobo as well, the same with all the others. This particular story is set in Pittsburgh during the Great Depression. I definitely enjoyed writing it, though I don't know how the kids survived without role models like Ant-Man, Superman, the X-Men and G.I. Joe. Anyway, I hope you like this one. Only one more story left to the series.
Here's the link on Amazon.
And here's one for Nook, though I guess "City of Coal and Steel" isn't up yet. Oh well. Check back in a couple days, hopefully I'll have something.


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