Monday, May 12, 2014

Celebrity Almost-Look-Alikes: Colin Morgan VS Benedict Cumberbatch

This is totally random, but I feel like doing it anyway.
During one of my YouTube binges, I stumbled across the BBC's Merlin clips... and I could help noticing... Merlin (played by Colin Morgan) looks a bit like Benedict Cumberbatch.
(Colin Morgan on set of Merlin)

(Benedict Cumberbatch)

Well, maybe it's harder to tell between these pictures, but what about these ones?

[Colin Morgan on set of Merlin (picture enlarged because when it was resized, it looked all stretched-out)]

(Benedict Cumberbatch at the 2014 Oscars)

...Well, I think they could play relatives or something. Watch a few Merlin clips and you will see. You will be like, "Hey, he kind of does look like Benedict Cumberbatch in that scene."

Photos courtesy of (top photo, Morgan), (top photo, Cumberbatch), (bottom photo, Morgan), and (bottom photo, Cumberbatch).


Postscript: Mr. Cumberbatch's top photo was taken I believe by Jason Merritt of Getty Images.

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