Friday, May 23, 2014

Celebrity Look-Alikes: Kimberley Nixon VS Ariel Winter

This is what I do at night between dinner and shlumping up to bed. I go on YouTube or Pinterest and find whatever it is I've been thinking about that day, and occasionally I will come across a face of someone who looks like someone else. A look-alike. My last post was also about celebrity look-alikes (Benedict Cumberbatch and Colin Morgan) and last night I came across another pair that I felt like sharing. I wonder if this is going to become a thing now. Me posting celebrity look-alikes. Sounds kind of creepy if you think about it.... Anyway, our contestants for today are...

Kimberley Nixon


Ariel Winter

Last night I found a list of actors who consistently die in their movies. Catchy, right? Totally alluring. Among the list of actors was Sean Bean. He dies in so many movies he ought to be called the Jet Li of Scotland, minus the martial arts as far as I'm aware, and of course with ginger hair. Anyway, the reel they showed in the video was of a movie called Black Death. Miss Kimberely Nixon starred in it alongside Mr. Bean and Eddie Redmayne. When her picture came up I literally did a double-take. Can you see why?


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