Monday, August 18, 2014

Celebrity Look-Alikes: Emma Rigby VS Dove Cameron

Welcome back! Here we are again, examining two stunning actresses who share similar physical traits. I noticed the similarities while watching clips of The Mentalist on YouTube (because evidently I never watch real TV anymore), during the episode "Devil's Cherry" in season 5, episode 2, I think. The actress playing Patrick Jane's daughter bore a startling resemblance to Anastasia/The Red Queen from Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. At first I wondered if they were the same girl, but as you can see, they are, in fact, two separate people.
(Picture of Dove Cameron from

(Picture of Emma Rigby from

You wouldn't believe how frightfully difficult it is to find photos of these two making the same face. Most of Miss Cameron's photos sport similar sweet-as-candy smiles while Miss Rigby has mastered the art of the Pout and the Intense Stare. I say these with no malice whatsoever, but it was a chore finding a balance between the two actresses pictures. However, the blonde hair, blue eyes, and possibly even the complexion speak for themselves.
What do you think? Agree or disagree? Can you think of any other celebrity look-alikes, or better matches than what I've found?

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