Sunday, August 3, 2014

"Piggy" by Karen Malena

I am happy to announce the release of a lovable, family-friendly book from my good friend, Karen Malena ( ). Piggy chronicles the adventures of a curious cat named Piggy and his friend, Melvin the Mouse. Join them as they get themselves in and out of mischief, from an unfortunate stunt with a claw machine to the sights and smells of moving day. It's an absolute delight and is appropriate for all ages.

"Piggy" is published through Tuxedo & Beans Publishing, LLC.
Karen Malena is also the author of Shadow of My Father's Secret and Reflections from My Mother's Kitchen: A Journey of Hope and Healing. Find them both on!


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  1. Grace, I just saw this on your blog. I'd like to thank you so very much! I don't often browse the internet with Piggy's name, but I came upon it today. Thank you honey from my heart!