Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"Klaire De Lys" Website

(Four Horsemen series, "Conquest" by Klaire de Lys)
(Klaire De Lys)

Here is a wonderful new website that I would highly recommend following if your into art/design, makeup, sketches, and lots of DIYs. Klaire De Lys is actually a YouTuber who I discovered a long time ago because of her fabulous makeup tutorials. I really don't know why I didn't start following her sooner. She does wonderful character studies with her tutorials, exploring either a different side of a concept (such as Envy in her Seven Deadly Sins makeup series) or meshing a bit of ancient and modern ideas to create something completely unique. But aside from being a makeup artist, Klaire has cemented herself in virtually every other kind of "art" there is, from drawing, painting, and sculpting to Photoshop, music videos, and singing. Last night I was on another YouTube binge and ended up watching a ton of DIY stuff from her channels. (Dangerous territory after midnight, seeing a mason jar turned into a dragon and thinking, "I can do that.") While I run to the store to get some play-dough for a rose candle holder made out of the lid of a candle, here's the link to her blog. Seriously, give it a gander. There's so much to look at you'll be amazed.

Also, check out her YouTube channels:


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