Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Colony Zero -Author's Cut -Mark Venturini"

Hey guys!
Helping Hands Press just released a new edition of Colony Zero: it contains all of the stories written by Mark Venturini. Essentially, the character Lieutenant Chris Ransom's story from start to finish. Mark is a fantastic writer with an incredible grasp of the sci-fi genre. I'll put links to his other books as well.
So if you've been keeping up with the Colony Zero series, you're a fan of Mark, or you're looking for some awesome new reads, check this out.
Colony Zero -Author's Cut -Mark Venturini
Medieval Mars: The Anthology (Terraformed Interplanetary Book 1)
Whispers From Forbidden Earth
Whispers From Forbidden Earth -Blood Tithe -Book One -The Chosen  (PS: This one is actually the sequel to Whispers From Forbidden Earth, so read the first one before you read this one.)
Darker Passages

Also find Mark on these sites:
His blog, Journey Through the Place Between Places
Twitter @Mark_Venturini  

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