Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Imaginary Friend

I decided to take a hint from one of the many writing prompts I saw on Pinterest. Enjoy!

We met at the hospital, Davey and me. While waiting for the doctor to give him his shots, I stood holding his hand, feeling as if I'd known him forever. I remember the name he'd given me ringing clear as a bell in my head. Daisydee. That was the day we became best friends, because I promised him I'd never leave him with the scary doctor with the shots, and afterward he promised me that if ever I found myself stuck in a swamp, he would come and save me.
One of our favorite things to play was Famous Explorer, where we would venture out into the great unknown of our backyard, hunting leopards and narrowly avoiding barbed wire traps and pools of lava. Everyday was an adventure for us. And then came the year Davey went to middle school.
At first I would walk with him to the front doors, because Mom said friends like me weren't allowed inside. But I promised to play with him during recess if no one else wanted to. In the meantime I played on the monkey bars, wanting to get some practice so I could show Davey my cool moves. But when the bell rang, Davey clamored down the concrete steps, surrounded by a few boys and girls who immediately went for the monkey bars. None of them could see me, and even Davey didn't notice me standing there for a while.
The weekends turned into an extra special time for us, but as it got colder and school kept stealing him away most mornings, it got harder and harder to keep Davey's attention.
One afternoon when Davey was thirteen, he couldn't see me at all. No amount of jumping, shouting, or pulling did any good... and I realized then that he might be forgetting about me.
Davey turned fifteen. He entered high school. The teachers were brutal, especially the chemistry one, but Davey did remember me for an English essay. Even though we didn't speak anymore, I was thrilled to have been able to help even that much.
It's strange to be a part of someone's life even when they don't know it. I've become less of a figure in his sight and more of the little things in his day that seem to make him happy. Like when the window is open and the breeze wafts in. Or when the fan on his computer stays nice and quiet even though Kerbal Space Program usually pushes it to the limit.
A lot happens between when you first meet your imaginary friend... and when you know longer need them. Today is Davey's wedding day. In a few hours, there'll probably be too much in his mind to hold me too. But she's a nice girl and she makes him really happy. And you know what? Having watched over them for a while, I know he's marrying his best friend, his poker buddy, his encourager, the love of his life. And that's better than anything I could have given him.
So maybe I'll just fade away like a nice happy dream. Or maybe I get to keep watching over them, like a guardian angel.
Yeah, I like the sound of that.

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  1. Writing from the perspective of the imaginary friend made this very endearing. Glad to hear from you again!