Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Scent of Bliss

It feels so strange not to write, like I can't focus, or catch my breath. And every time I try, it gets harder and harder to readjust to the mindset of being somewhere else, with events spawned purely by imagination.
Yes, not being able to write is hard, but I feel like it was all worth it, all for a single moment of bliss.
I spent the day cleaning my room after having a heart-stopping encounter with a larger brown spider last night around 12:30 or so. While searching for an available notebook for my log-endeavor (see my last posting) something large skittered across the top of my notebooks under my desk. Now normally I can handle spiders. I'm actually fascinated by them, to a degree. But if their bodies are collectively large than my thumb, then it starts to wig me out. So I'm carefully clearing notebooks out from under my desk, a small one handy to deliver the final blow, and a few sheets of toilet paper to dispose of him with. Well, Arachno-Bob beat me to the punch, no pun intended. He scurried out, paused (during which time I nearly jumped out of my skin) and then, wham! Down came my book-axe upon the fearsome foe. Creepy? I didn't even drift off to sleep until, like, 1a.m. It kind of motivated me to clean my room, as I didn't want any more eight-legged (more or less) visitors. I finished a couple hours ago, after which time I tuned in with my family to watch a couple episodes of Kings. But as I got up to leave, I entered our kitchen, and I swear... I smelled Fall!
That thrill of sheer joy was enough to bring me out of my funk, and more importantly, inspired me to write, and even to blog! I love the smell of Fall, and winter is my favorite season. But there's just something so intriguing about autumn. It has a bitter chill complemented by warm-colored leaves, but there's still a nip of warm, enough to bring heat to your cheeks. I don't know why, but the only thing I can think of is apple cider.


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