Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Piggy, The Not So Ordinary Cat -Volume 1 -The Claw"

Hello again!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and, if you celebrate it, a blessed Passover.
I just wanted to give you guys the heads up on my friend Karen Malena's new series, "Piggy, The Not So Ordinary Cat." Trust me, it's just the thing for an afternoon with nothing to do, when you need a few laughs.
Karen's son Matt is actually a Youtube sensation. He does tutorials on how to win those Claw Machines, both with old models and the new ones. In a few of his videos is his camera-shy cat, Piggy. Yes, a cat named Piggy. This series is a branch-off of those videos, showing people what the portly feline is up to when her master is not around.
Like I said, it's a great little story, appropriate for children and adults alike.
Happy reading. :-)



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