Friday, September 27, 2013

"Onyx" Review

In the aftermath of Katy, Daemon, and Dee's encounter with the Arum -a being of darkness who survives on the essence of another- no one is aware of Katy and Daemon's connection, and the two are determined to keep it that way. What's more, Katy refuses to believe that Daemon's attraction to her is real or substantial. Nothing short of the love her parents had for each other will suffice. But something greater is at work. The two are constantly at odds, but when the tables are forever overturned, tempers and abilities will rise, and new foes will be recognized. In the midst of so much turmoil, not everyone can survive a betrayal of this magnitude.
Jennifer L. Armentrout delivers a fantastic sequel to the New York Times bestseller, "Obsidian." Although it starts out a little slow, "Onyx" was worth every hour into the night. Thoroughly enjoyable, I found myself having to stop in the middle of a scene to let my pulse recede from "uncharted territory." One thing I really appreciated was Kat's unrelenting resistance to Daemon. She has values and holds to them, not simply tossing them aside for a pretty face. She does not want to change because Daemon thinks she's too trusting or a friend thinks she needs to take more risks. Katy knows who she is, and that was refreshing.
The story retains the voice of the first book in all of its interesting, mysterious, dark-humored glory. I would like to make a note regarding the entire series, though, and that is that the profanity is common (meaning it's how the characters are used to talking). However I'm not usually one to snuggle with excessive language and I was fine with it. Don't read it out loud, is all I'm saying. And as far as sensuality, eh, PG-13. Actually, since about 85% of movies are PG-13 nowadays, let's go with PG-15.
I really liked this book. I thought it was well-written and it held my attention until the very last word. But if you're like me and the last word just isn't enough, then enclosed at the end of the book, as with the first one, is a chapter in Daemon's point of view. That in and of itself is a great experience. I highly recommend "Onyx" for those who enjoyed "Obsidian," because believe me, you won't be able to put it down.


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