Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Colony Zero -Volume 5 -Sins of The Fathers" by Tracy Krauss

Also in the Colony Zero line-up is Tracy Krauss's chapter, "Colony Zero -Volume 5 -Sins of The Fathers." Tracey is a tremendous writers and this story delves deeper into the character of Colony Zero's spiritual leader, and how even someone so steadfast can sometimes by jostled. It is truly an amazing story. You are definitely in for a treat.

Fear and confusion are mounting on Colony Zero since the arrival of the Earth ship Valkyrie 2. Renata, chief spiritual leader, has her hands full trying to keep the citizens calm. Her own son is not making life any easier with his radical disregard for their way of life. Then she discovers that a potentially dangerous secret could not only threaten to destroy their utopian way of life, but the very existence of the planet.


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