Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Night Chinwagger

So it has become evident that I cannot operate social media unless it's after midnight. I just spent the last ten minutes uploading cover photos of my "Woman in Scarlet" series because I finally remembered how to do it! How sad is that? I remember hearing, either this morning or yesterday, that Taylor Swift marveled at how in the past, you got famous and then used social media, but today you use social media and then you become famous. She does have a point, though. Kind of backwards, huh?
Well, I think my flurry of updating has come to a snooze now, although I do want to get a little further in my origins story for Colony Zero. And I have to work tomorrow. Joy. But I'm feeling optimistic. Happy. It rained today, which is great because our plants really needed it. I was shown some wonderful pictures of my beautiful niece. I also tried out a gluten-free brownie recipe after getting home from work. Besides being 200 calories a square, it was pretty dang good. 
I was reminded of how small my problems are and what a ninny I can be to worry as much as I do, when I know it's a trifle because God is in control. He probably looks at me like a little hummingbird, zipping around going, "What do I do next?" He would probably just pat me on the head and say, "Oh, Grace, you're so cute to worry about such small things. But sit back, my darling, and I will guide you." Surrendering control when it comes to my own life is very difficult for me to do. I will follow where you lead me when it comes to projects and housework, but my future? My writing? These are not things I easily relinquish, but there are no better hands to leave them in than the hands of God. He has planned my life since before its inception. He's known my every thought before it was even conceived. He is amazing, and that is a word I try not to use lightly. Awesome, as in awe-inspiring. Awesome-ringing. I cannot trust myself to maneuver one single hour without him by my side.
Well... this post certainly took a different turn than what I was anticipating, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. I am not trying to preach to you; I am merely sharing my thoughts, and more often these days, I am finding God to be among those thoughts.
Good night, everyone.


PS: The word "chinwagger" in the title is just slang for someone who talks a lot. They literally "wag their chin." It was gonna be "chatter-bug," but then I wouldn't have been able to take advantage of my British slang. :-) Just wanted to clear that up in case someone thought I was cussing in my title.

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  1. >>>I cannot operate social media unless it's after midnight.
    You young pup! Wait until you're my age or your parents . . . I'm a tiny bit older. I haven't seen the back side of midnight in years! :-)