Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Colony Zero -Volume 4 -Sacrifice" by Mark Carver

Wow. I am really behind on my Colony Zero duties. I believe the last news I had about it was when I interviewed Mark Venturini after his chapter came out. Well, as I am apparently playing catch-up today, I encourage you to check out the next installment in the Colony Zero series, "Colony Zero -Volume 4 -Sacrifice" by Mark Carver. It is suspenseful, insightful, and extremely well-written. Mark C is such a talented writer and I hope to post his interview in the upcoming days/weeks.

A mother knows that no sacrifice is too great to protect the ones she loves.

Chaos and turmoil threatens the colony. As the captive Earther crew plots their escape, the Zeroes are being torn apart by strife within their midst. Althana knows she must take matters into her own hands to protect her family, but will she risk exposing her secret and putting everyone she loves in danger?


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