Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Bit About My Second Story

Some good friends of mine are reviewing my second story before I send it out to Trestle, but I have to admit, it differs from the first story in every way, shape, and form. However, I'm hoping that does not affect the quality of the story.
This story, which is for now called The Last Spring until I can think up a better title (which may be never), is about a little girl named Lily who lives with her grandma and mother. And it is basically a love story. But you throw the Woman in Scarlet into that mix, and who knows what will come of it? What I tried to achieve with this story, and even with my last story, was telling a tale through a child's eyes. In this second one, the focus is on the mother, but through her seven-year-old daughter's perspective. And I tried to incorporate a simple lesson in there, as well, without sounding preachy. Actually, I wonder if people will even pick out the lesson? Hm. Eh, just have to wait and see. I like this story, though. A few of the characters are based off real people. David, Grandma, Ishmael, even Freddie... sort of.
I can't wait for this next one to be released.


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