Friday, October 5, 2012


Observe a hummingbird. Notice how it darts to and fro, how it's wings are a blur as it tries to stay airborne. Sometimes it feels like my heart beats as fast as a hummingbird's wings. Like now, for instance. Now and the past week or two. There's this euphoria, this elation that I'm not used to. I've heard of the feeling of being able to fly, but I like experiencing it more. My God is so good! His blessings are abundant! I encourage you to think about what you truly want from life. Do you want a successful career or a strong family? Why not both? But how can those things be achieved, except by asking the Lord constantly for guidance, wisdom, strength and courage? I don't mean to sound preachy. It's been a long day and, as I said earlier, I've been in this kind of dreamy state ever since getting word back from Trestle. Still, I don't want anyone to think asking for something like wisdom is selfish. The real test is doing what we are called to do and gaining that wisdom. I truly hope I can be a blessing to others and to my Lord as well.
In the meantime, there are stories buzzing around that are just demanding to be written.


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