Monday, November 5, 2012

Organic Aspirations: The Woman in Scarlet: Where Snow May Fall

A good friend of mine wrote a review on my first story, The Woman in Scarlet: Where Snow May Fall. I'm so honored! Thank you, Becki! Check out her blog, for great eco-friendly ideas, wonderful pictures, and other exciting things. :-)

organic aspirations: The Woman in Scarlet: Where Snow May Fall: Did something ever happen that made you feel old?   Today I saw a girl who I used to teach viola.  She was in fifth grade, but now she's all grown up and she's getting her own place next week! I was proud of her, but I did feel old. Well, another thing that makes me feel old is my good friend's kid sister. She's not a kid anymore, in fact I'm not sure if anything screams "Grown up!" quite as much as being a published author. Her name is Grace Yee and a bought her debut story, The Woman in Scarlet -Volume 1 -Where Snow May Fall last week. The genre is young adult, and I was excited for that since it's one of my favorite genres. I loved it.
It was about a young boy who comes across a mysterious lady offering to grant him three wishes. She warns him to be careful what he wishes for, but each wish brings more and more surprises. I love the rich imagery in this story. The Russian setting adds to the interest and mystery of the plot. Grace's first published work is a complete success, and I can't wait for the second volume in this series to be published.

Once again, thank you, Becki, for an awesome review!


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  1. It was my pleasure! I'm a secret young adult novel reader, so it's right up my ally!