Monday, November 30, 2015

30 Day Writing Challenge: Person Who Inspires You

I'll be honest, I almost forgot to post this one today. After having dinner with some beloved friends, I still have about thirty pages to read and take notes on for school. But I'm determined to see this writing challenge through! So for today, a little something about the person I'm inspired by....
Now, I am inspired by many people. A few writers, some actors and singers, and of course my parents, but probably the person who inspires me most is my sister. She is one of the strongest women I know, has been through such trials and still remains faithful, beautiful, and ever the loving, hilarious and spunky person I've always looked up to.
Because I'm not sure how much information she would like on here, I'm not including a picture today or any specific details, but all I can say, and something I never say enough, is that I love you, sis! You face more obstacles every day than I know about and continue to look for ways to be a blessing to others. I don't know who all's lives you've changed, but one thing's for sure: I wouldn't be me without you. :-)


Sunday, November 29, 2015

30 Day Writing Challenge: Pet Peeves

So far I'm three for three! Hurray! If I can just make it past, what, week two I think I'll have broken my record for sticking with a blog series-type thing.
Today's writing challenge is to list your top three pet peeves. Now, I'm only just thinking about this now because I really try not to complain. However, when I'm at work, I sometimes look for annoying things that people do or say so I can tell it to another coworker. We swap stories like that, looking for the most bizarre items in the strangest places, or the most random questions. I work in a department store, in case you're wondering. I've found dog beds on hangers in the men's department as well as dishes in the plus size section. Weird stuff. Also, whenever one of us answers the phone, people have a tendency to ask, "Are you open?" And I have to resist the urge to say, "You have reached the exceptionally convincing answering machine. Please leave a message." But outside of work I'm not sure what kind of pet peeves I have. Let me think here....
Stupid drivers. That's a pretty big one, I guess. The first rule my dad taught us when we were learning to drive was "All other drivers are stupid."
People who talk but say nothing. Sometimes you'll come across those people who talk a mile a minute, and really the meat of what they're trying to say could have been established with, like, ten words. But as a fantasy writer, I guess I shouldn't complain about brevity. I guess I just think it's better to wait until you have something to say before opening your mouth.
Dog-eared books. Oh, man, I don't know why, but whenever I see a book with a corner folded down, it annoys me. Seriously, you couldn't find a ribbon or something to mark where you left off? That's not even a good pet peeve. That's a stupid one. Oh, I just thought of a better pet peeve. Music you hate but can't get out of your head.
So in order my pet peeves would be 1.) Stupid drivers, 2.) People who talk but say nothing, and 3.) Music you can't stand but is stuck in your head.

That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. And according to my challenge list here, tomorrow I'll be writing about someone who inspires me. Stay tuned!


Saturday, November 28, 2015

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 2

Well, I've made it two days while on this writing challenge. I should keep a record.
The second challenge of the 30 Day Writing Challenge is to write about something someone told you about yourself that you haven't forgotten.
When we were younger, my brother and I would always fight. Constantly. It was a like a game to see how long we could annoy each other, who could annoy the other more, who could blame more things on the other person. At one point I remember sitting down at the dining room table, waiting for my mom to come sit down so we could start eating. Now, from my child-like perspective, I feel like I might have been six-years-old, but I could have been anywhere from five to eight for all I know. Anyway, my brother and I were engaged in one of our usual spats and he had the nerve to say, to my face, "You're stubborn." I got sooooo mad that I ranted and wanted to throw my spoon at him. But when I told my dad, he just smiled and said, "Well, you are."

At the time I thought "stubborn" meant something bad and that it somehow made me a bully or evil or something. But as I grew up and got a little more insight into stubbornness, I began to embrace that part of myself. My mom said that it was certainly reflected in my fashion choices. According to her, to this day I will wear things just to see if somebody will say something. I tend to disagree. Black is perfectly acceptable color, and stripes match with other stripes. Moving on...
So that's my shtick for today. The thing I remember most that someone told me about myself is that I'm stubborn. And I am. Still.
Tune in tomorrow for the third segment in this 30 Day Writing Challenge: My Top 3 Pet Peeves.


Friday, November 27, 2015

30 Day Writing Challenge: 10 Happy Things

(Photo courtesy of the University of Denver. Thanks, Denver!)
Hello everyone! I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. Once again, I'm sorry I haven't been able to keep up with my whole "journal entry" idea, but it's hard for me to keep writing about something when I don't have anything to say. However, I did stumble across an interesting 30 Day Writing Challenge. I think I wanna give it a shot. The first one is to list ten things that make you happy. This, ladies and gents, is my list.

1. Dancing
2. Baking
3. Eating
4. Hanging out with my siblings
5. Dates with my Dad
6. Reading for pleasure
7. Writing for fun
8. Coffee. Coffee makes me happy
9. Singing
10. Daydreaming (Do you know how much fanfiction I've written in my head? I was shipping before it became a thing.)

And there you have it! My list of ten things that make me really happy. Tomorrow, if all goes well, I move on to the second item in the 30 Day Writing Challenge: writing about something someone told me about myself that I've never forgotten.
Until then...