Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Deflated. Uplifted.

Apparently no news is good news. Who came up with that anyway? What if you won $10,000? I would consider that pretty freaking good news.
This phrase somehow fits into my little story here. Bottom line: I'm not self-publishing with Trafford. It was kind of a blow to me personally, mostly because I had been so blinded by the aspect of getting published at all that I didn't even want to consider the angle of this company. Why, oh, why must we be satisfied with the shiny website and press releases? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I didn't invest a huge chunk of money into a company that would call me fifty times a week offering promotions but with no real results. Still. Patience is a virtue.
The good news is (Aha! Here is where that phrase fit in!) I'm not finished yet. Oh, no. Not even close. Where disappointment and heartbreak dwell, a light, though small at first, will wink out of the darkness and grow to a pulsing glow, light a heartbeat. I know God is with me, helping me, guiding me. All I pray for is His wisdom. May He lift me up when I am low, and feed me encouragements when it feels like the world is spiraling into an endless abyss.


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