Saturday, July 28, 2012


God has given me the opportunity to get my work out there! This is like one of those dreams where it's so vivid in your head, but when you wake up it vanishes entirely. The only difference is I'm waiting for this to vanish like a rainbow.
I was researching publishing companies in my local area, and this website came up claiming they find a publisher that conforms to the writer based on your answers to a few questions. So I fill out this little grid-in questionnaire, and it sent my information to Trafford Publishing, a name I had never heard before. As I browsed the site, though, I quickly discovered it was a self-publishing company. Not what I wanted at all. But it was too late, they had already gotten my information. But then I began to think, "Hey, this is a big step in a possibly-good direction." Maybe they would call me back in a few weeks.
A few hours later I get a voicemail (my phone's vibration setting is so soft I can't really hear it or feel it), and when I listen to it, a woman named Lou Fuentes from Trafford Publishing says she was very pleased to hear of my interest in Trafford and would like to talk more with me about my book. I was so shocked and excited I almost screamed! I'm getting published!!! was my only thought. I immediately called my dad and told him about it, greeting him with a casual "Omigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigosh!" After his own research of the company, he encouraged me to go forward with it.
Ms. Fuentes contacted me yesterday and I told her the gist of my short story (synopsis over the phone). She sounded very interested and we talked a lot about publishing on ebook. They are doing all the marketing, I am supplying a certain amount of money. And the nice thing about this company is that I am not bound to stay with them if some other publishing company sees my story and would like to sell it through them. I maintain complete control of all copyrights, and I will hopefully be working with a team of experts to help me with distribution, cover art, and a bunch of other things I can't seem to think of.
God is so good!


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