Sunday, July 22, 2012

Notes from Today

I would like to recap a few things my Pastor touched on before his sermon. The first thing on my notes is "We can't stay where we are," and he meant that spiritually. If we're walking with God, we should strive to always be moving forward in our faith, to not be stuck in our routine like Moses. We can't stay where we are, as in don't be content to stay where you are, be ready to move with God, wherever He may lead you.
On that note, and I really loved this, was "Don't be satisfied with bearing fruit, but bear more fruit. Don't be satisfied with bearing more fruit, bear much fruit." How that stood out to me!
And finally, my pastor was talking about how he looks forward to coming into work everyday, and he looks forward and even prays, "Lord, I hope there's a challenge for me today!" He even gets excited and prays that there's some problem he needs to deal with (which there sometimes is) or some person who's mad at him (which is also the case at times). But the one thing he said was that "we are on a great adventure!" And you know... he's right. And we should be treating our lives as an adventure. But remember, what makes life exciting is not the positive things, but often the bad/negative things. Yay, you found a good deal at Walmart. Sweet, that person let you into their lane. But your car broke down? Oh my gosh! You can't find the thumb drive with your entire powerpoint presentation on it? Aaahhh!!!
See what I mean? I liked this part of his pre-message. One reference he made was to Indiana Jones. Once we finish one adventure, we should be thirsty for the next one.
I've been dying to write this all day, so I hope you all enjoyed it. :-)


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