Thursday, December 6, 2012


I feel like a weight's been lifted off my chest. I finished rewriting my third story the day before yesterday, and it all just feels right now. The story flows so much better and I hope you get a better sense of the characters now.
I guess I haven't said much about this story, have I? Besides it needing some adjustments, of course. This story actually takes place around Halloween. It's ironic because it will probably be released a few weeks before Christmas. (I remember not too long ago I posted on Facebook how I hoped God wouldn't smite me for that.) Anyway, it centers on a boy named Joey who is dealing with the challenges of a new mother and a new baby sister. He's ten, so it's also an adjustment for him to go from being the center of attention for an entire decade to suddenly becoming an afterthought. That would be hard on anyone. But there are also challenges with his new mom, Amanda, because aside from caring for an infant, she also has trouble because Joey is so old. He's ten, but I consider that old if youu're becoming a step-son. Amanda struggles alot with maintaining a balance in the household. She understands Joey can never forget his real mother, but she still strains to make a relationship with him. Like I said, it is a balancing act. So with that whole backstory/subplot, what actually happens? Well, I wanted to delve into the precipice of Joey's anger, his annoyance of being the afterthought. Here is where the Woman in Scarlet comes into the story. But remember, it is the day before Halloween, so Joey is thinking she's just some person in a costume. Events definitely take a turn for the worse, though, and Joey now has to learn to be a real big brother... and more importantly, to know his enemy. I like the challenge of incorporating chess into the theme. I'm terrible at chess, but the person whom I modeled Joey after kicks my butt in about five moves. In that respect, I'm more like Joey at the beginning where he feels there is strength in numbers. But his dad is trying to teach him strategy, a feat which the one role-model exercises regularly. I can't wait for this story to come out and to hear what people think. I know it is much different than the other two, and I just hope it's not too cliche. But I did want to emphasize how dangerous wishes can be, and how even when you think you made the right decision, like in chess, it could end up costing you dearly.
That's all I've got right now. Maybe I will put up some pictures. Hah! Yeah, maybe.


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