Monday, December 31, 2012

Peace, Love, & Blessings Abundant

Howdy! What a year, right? My mom and I were wondering where 2012 went. But then I started reflecting on my entire year, and actually, my year's been pretty good!
1.) I graduated high school. YAY!!!
2.) I had my first dance solo in the recital, a privilege awarded to high school seniors and students who take private classes.
3.) I was baptized. Major highlight!
4.) There was one thing... what was it? Oh, yeah. I became a published author. :-) Sorry, just had to put that in.
5.) We're that much closer to finishing our kitchen renovation.
6.) My family and I have been able to talk to my brother recently. He's in the Air Force, at the moment stationed down south. But the real treat has been to see him happy again. He hasn't been truly happy since before he left for BOOT. So every time we Skype, he's smiling, laughing, like the way it was before he enlisted. That's what stands out to me the most this year, outshining even the publishing thing. And why shouldn't it? It's my brother we're talking about.

How many of you out there have resolutions for the coming year? Learn a language, lose some weight, make a change, date.... I'm not sure what my resolution is this year. I've never officially made one, and  still don't really see the point. But, whatever floats your boat.
Keep warm, celebrate, smile, but don't forget how the Lord has blessed you. The bad things tend to stand out in our minds, a trick which works all too frequently. So take thirty seconds, or like, a minute if you must (you must), and think about all the wonderful things God has done for you this year. A roof over your head? Food on the table? Good friends, great family, a book to read, a Bible to study...
Have a happy new year, everyone, and may the Lord's blessings on you be abundant.



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  1. I have so much to be thankful for! What stands out to me is our new house!