Saturday, December 1, 2012


When it comes to decisions, especially in my writing, there's almost no one's opinion I value more than my dad's. He helps me see inconsistencies and offers ideas to make everything connect and come full-circle. But sometimes... it kind of sets me back a few steps. My dad read my third story, the third installment for my "Woman in Scarlet" series, but he said the protagonist needed more... filling out. Now, I have no problem with "filling out" characters; I relish the thought. In fact I probably spend more time developing each character's background than I do writing about them. But here's my dilemma: this kid, Joey, I guess he needs to be more rebellious is what I'm gathering from my dad. But it sounds more like Joey needs to appear more angry with his new mother. When I was writing this story, I didn't really imagine Joey as "angry," just annoyed. And in the first draft I tried to convey that with their first and practically only speaking-encounter in the story. However, I suppose Joey needs to have more premature teen angst than he does now. *Hmph* What a setback. I don't want it to sound like some other YA story with teen angst, though. He's not even that angry, just annoyed that his step-mom keeps asking him to do stuff while she tends to her new baby. So he's kind of bitter, I guess, but he does love his baby sibling. I actually tried to model him after both of my brothers, giving him this real bitter resentment towards 6 a.m. and a preference for chess to bejewelers or whatever that smartphone game is. Urgh. Whatever. Guess I'll just go immerse myself in teen angst.
Hmmm... This calls for hot chocolate. And music. Oooh the possibilities.


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