Sunday, December 13, 2015

30 Day Writing Challenge: Capricorn

For today's challenge, I had to do a little research on my zodiac sign and whether I thought it fit me or not. My sign is Capricorn, and while reading up on this, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. According to some sources, a Capricorn's strengths include ambition, loyalty, responsible, patient, and resourceful. I can tell you right now that I am fiercely loyal. But some of their weaknesses include being dictatorial, "inhibited," conceited, distrusting, and unimaginative. There's another word for that. It's on the tip of my tongue... Oh yeah! Military! Aside from those things, though, Capricorns are strong friends with a mind for leadership. They often seem melancholy and stern, but it's not because they're angry; their minds are always turning over something. That I can relate with. But I've also read that Capricorns see things as either black or white, "one way or the highway" type mindset, which I know is inaccurate for me. What I've basically gathered from my browsing Capricorn topics is that they are very cautious and can be control freaks, they like structure and come off as introverted. But ambitious? Unimaginative? Hello, have you read my blog? I write fantasy! Why don't you tell me to my face how "unimaginative" I am.
I guess with these horoscope things you have to take what you want and leave the rest, like a buffet. I wonder what the history behind the zodiacs originates from. I know they're based off constellations, but after looking at the constellations, I have to ask myself, "How does that look like a goat? Or a half-breed fish-mammal thing?" I do not understand the zodiac signs, but it was interesting researching mine. Also, if you want a somewhat different perspective, the YouTube artist Klaire De Lys did an entire makeup series on the zodiacs, and they are awesome! Check out her YouTube channels below:


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