Tuesday, December 1, 2015

30 Day Writing Challenge: 5 Places to Visit

Well, for today's (Tuesday's) post, here is a list of five places I would like to visit.

1.) Scotland
I don't care which part, I don't care what time of year, just put me in Scotland and I will love you forever. It's one of those places you sort of dream about. You can look at as many pictures as you want but they're still just pictures. To really stand there and think, "Wow, that picture wasn't kidding," wouldn't be absolutely amazing! Honestly, the British Isles in general is where the setting for most of my stories are located.

2.) New Zealand
I think there's hardly any explanation needed for this one. Director Peter Jackson put New Zealand on the map after his outrageously successful Lord of the Rings franchise, and it's only gotten more popular since then. Besides providing the main canvas for our generation's most beloved series, nature there is undisturbed. It is pure and wholly created by God. How can you not want to go there, touch those rocks and ferns and say, "Can you believe this is real?"

3.) Israel
Now, this one is a little more nostalgic. While it may not be a major tourist attraction, Israel is one of the oldest countries I can think of. Stuff in the Bible happened in Israel. It is so rich with history, with memory, how can you not want to visit there? I would recommend going with a group and accompanied by Ray Vander Laan. He provides some of the richest Biblical teachings you will ever experience.

4.) Ireland
Along with Scotland, I would seriously love to visit Ireland. My brother spent a few days there and he said he would go back in a heartbeat if he could. It also happens to be the land of my ancestors. At least, some of them anyway.

5.) El Salvador
I don't know if I can count this one because I've already been there, but it makes the list just the same. I've been to El Salvador on two occasions, both for mission's work with a large group of people. I would go under those circumstances again if I had the resources. I do love being there because I know that when I'm there, it's not a vacation: I am there doing God's work, whether that be building houses, putting on puppet shows at schools, or handing out food. My church puts together a few group trips to El Salvador every year, and to go is literally a life-altering experience. That week is one you cannot forget. The bonds you form with the people who accompany you, and how clearly you feel God's presence along that trip is truly incredible. So yes. El Salvador makes the list.

What places would you like to visit, if you could? Anywhere in the world.
Come back tomorrow (Wednesday) for another day in my 30 Day Writing Challenge. This is getting fun!


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