Tuesday, December 29, 2015

30 Day Writing Challenge: Shuffle Setting

Oh, thank goodness, something easy. This challenge was to put your iPod on shuffle and write down the first ten songs.
  1. Supermassive Black Hole (2Cellos featuring Naya Rivera)
  2. Sway (Michael Buble)
  3. Feeling Good (Michael Buble)
  4. Beethoven's 5th/Secrets (The Piano Guys)
  5. It's My Turn To Fly (Lit)
  6. Going Under (Evanescence)
  7. Mine (Taylor Swift)
  8. Not Quite Paradise (Lit)
  9. Give it Up (Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gilles)
  10. See Beneath You're Beautiful (Max Schneider and Liz Gillies)
Aside from some interesting songs to follow up other songs, I'd say an all right shuffle.


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