Friday, December 11, 2015

30 Day Writing Challenge: My Day in Bullets (points)

Hi everyone. I'm sort of squeezing this in between assignments, but it actually works out perfectly because the challenge for today is to bullet point your entire day.
  • 7:51 -Awoke from a text sent by my sister. Was instantaneously happy.
  • Went downstairs to find Mom awake.
  • Discussed needing to buy more melting chocolate, a new toaster, as well as sorting out some other Christmas present stuff.
  • Began getting ready to leave.
  • Maverick visions promptly dashed when I realized I still had an assignment due by midnight tonight, and aside from doing the shopping and going to work, I was also helping my sister with her dress rehearsal.
  • Mental note to brew extra coffee.
  • Drove to bank. Deposited a check.
  • Went to JoAnn Fabrics. Wilson's melting chocolate two for six dollars, plus a twenty percent off entire purchase coupon! Win!
  • 9:51 am -Went to mall to finish Christmas shopping. Store in mall was closed until 5:15 pm. Drat!
  • Went to Kohl's to find Steeler's merchandise. Nada.
  • Braved the hallowed bulwarks of Wal-Mart for groceries.
  • 11:41 am -Made it home without killing anyone.
  • Realized I forgot to buy cat food.
  • Fed the cat some lunch meat.
  • Ham and cheese on pita for lunch.
  • Talked with Mom before work.
  • On way to work, realized I had an eighth of a tank of gas. Once at work, had a scintillating conversation with coworker about how far I could get on a quarter tank of gas. She asked what kind of car I had. How many cylinders? When I stepped on the gas was it more of a VVROOOMM or a vvvvroom? Told her it was more like a vvvroom.
  • 12:53 pm -Punch in, started running racks.
  • 4:54 pm -Punch out. Start car.
  • Listened to new Cinderella soundtrack on my way to the church where the recital is going to be at, periodically glancing at the fuel gage and trying to remember along the road where each gas station was.
  • 5:47 pm -Arrived safely at church with still an eighth of a tank. Parked under a non-functioning streetlamp.
  • Upon entering I was almost immediately handed one of my nieces. Changed her into tights and a leotard. Tried to keep her from running on stage when it wasn't her turn. Several near misfires.
  • Helped both nieces change into new costumes.
  • Watched their dances.
  • Helped the oldest out of her costume into something more comfortable.
  • "Potty time!"
  • Changed into first costume because it had a pretty tutu and we didn't pack the "Belle" dress.
  • 7:54 -Left church.
  • 7:59 -Got gas.
  • 8:41 -Arrived home. Ate a late dinner. Watched the practice video with Mom, Dad, and Grandma. Yep. Rachael's still got it. You can tell she still loves dancing.
  • 9:10 -Went upstairs to work on paper, due in three hours.
  • Checked Blackboard. Paper not due until tomorrow.
  • Binge watched YouTube.
  • Decided to start paper anyway.
  • Three questions in, remembered I still needed to blog for today.

The end.
This is day fifteen for this writing challenge. I'm halfway done.
Still not sure how I feel about that.


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