Wednesday, December 2, 2015

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 6

Hm. I should really read these topics ahead of time before I go committing to them. Today's topic is... five ways to win my heart.
Shut up. I didn't write the challenge, I just do it.
Okay. Well, first off, he has to be a believer. I think that would be a deal-breaker if I were to enter into a relationship.
Secondly, buy me books. If I'm in a bookstore looking at a book that I eventually decide against, and then you find me a few minutes later and hand me the book I was looking for, saying you bought it for me... you, sir, are officially on your way to becoming the man of my dreams.
(I'm gonna be honest, here, the amount of weird, girlie fangirling stuff that's going through my head right now is kind of unsettling. I usually repress those kind of displays, even in my head.)
Thirdly, be able to make me laugh. Real, genuine, undignified laughter that I don't have to tone down because we're in a public place.
Number four, tell me about your interests. Tell me why you like them so much, funny stories associated with them. I want to know why you like video games or watching soccer instead of football. Yes, I am ignorant, but that doesn't mean I don't want to know.
Encourage me. A lot of times I need someone to build me up, especially when I haven't done anything with my writing or dance for a while. These are things I love, and they occupy very large parts of my life that don't always receive attention. I may say I'm fine or I'll get to it, but if I'm not addressing something you know I love, like writing, it's usually because I'm afraid of what may happen if it doesn't turn out well. Help me. Cheer me on. Pray for me. Do that, and I'll probably love you forever.

...Ahem. Well, that was revealing. Um... I may delete this later.


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